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17 May 2009 @ 05:29 pm
Hello loves! I just got finished watching the 2nd episode of the Tsubasa OVA. Uwaaaaa!!! Been keeping up with the chapters? Make my head hurt, they do.

Anyways, just wondering how you all are doing! I realise now that it's a bit too late to start a spring gift exchange so shall we go ahead and try a Summer Gift exchange?! We'll have a little more time to do this (I'll probably let it run until late July or so). Just give a yay or a nay if you're in. It'll run pretty much the same as the winter gift exchange. I know things haven't been active around here, but I encourage you all to join in *A* I'll be participating too yaaay~

So go ahead and start signing up! And feel free to give any suggestions on how to make it run smoother than last time~♥ I'm thinking about making it CLAMP specific this time, just to make it all a little easier lol

In other news, I'll be heading on up to Fanime next weekend to see shadow_piper! We'll be sure to have pics for all of you *A*!!

Hope to hear from a lot of you! Just at least pop in and say 'hi' when you sign up, yeah? Maybe we can have some manga discussions and go "WTFFFFFFFF?!??!" together.

PS: For all of you who are keeping up with xxxHOLIC, too: Doumeki and Watanuki have gotten as canon as CLAMP will let them. BUT THEY'RE STILL somewhat CANON eheheheheee
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11 March 2009 @ 03:47 pm
I hate to do this too, but I should probably give you all fair warning that I won't be particularly active for a little bit, probably until this time next week. I have midterms coming up and tons of studying and homework to be done. Plus, for once, they've decided to give me hours at work. Yay~

I'll still try to be active, but I'll be quite a bit slower than usual. I'll be checking my email for lj alerts daily, but probably won't be on IM much.

Sorry guys, I know that we just started back up again, but please continue the festivities and I'll join in when possible ;_;

(Resident Seishirou/Yasha mun)
11 March 2009 @ 12:45 pm
L-Lol, sorry, this seems a little ridiculous considering we all just jumped back into the game, but I really need a mini-hiatus to the end of the week to get myself together. I'm up to my neck with essays, debates, quizzes, meetings, and competition books, on top of my mental state being apparently tragic, ahah. More or less appropriate to say.

Apologies x 1000000! BUT I WILL BE BACK. Just. Uh. On Sunday. S-Sorry.

Much love to you all. ♥

-- mera; Touya/Kamui-mun
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08 March 2009 @ 12:55 pm
Okay so after talking with yuulin for a bit the other day I've come to a conclusion!! A MODLY CONCLUSION! Which is why I logged into the mod journal to tell you all! even though I almost forgot the password since when my computer crashed, I lost all the cookies from earlier haha orz It's not that much of a change, but I think it might draw more people to the community when I promote around.

The "main" RP community is going to be switched to the 1st person community, x_star_presence!! What this means, basically, is that the bulk of the RPing is going to go on here, as per usual. As Mera was saying, it gets a little difficult and slow to come up with threads/plots for x_star_crossed. But I also think since there isn't an actual plot for the community, that slows down the plot-oriented RPing a considerable amount.

Of course, you'll still be able to use x_star_crossed! These will be for more personal, character-based rps as per usual, so feel free to come up with mini-plots with the other RPers and play them out over there.

And on a slightly unrelated matter: We all know that, currently, the plot in Tsubasa and HOLIC is getting MMMMMCONFUSINGASHELL right? I'd prefer not to make the character drama too current to what's happening in the manga, obviously, because then we wouldn't have a Sakura or a Yuuko lol Which is why I am leaning more towards a Horitsuba feel; however, once we get a new Kurogane, or if we get a clone!Syaoran, and what not, they can decide how much they want their character to be involved with recent plot twists.

THAT IS ALL FOR NOW. I assume everyone is going to be holding onto their characters? I think Nueva mentioned wanting to drop Mokona (I just never got around to that), and I'm pretty sure Yuuko and Himawari will want to return? Spring break is coming up, and so I'll do my best to promote around during then! And Mera and I will have fun plotting times when we hang out bwahahahaha--(cough)

Much love everyone! ♥ thanks for being so eager to come back after the long lull *A*!!! Feel free to IM me if you have any questions or suggestions, or just reply here or whatever! I'll be reworking things when I can, such as the details in the user info and the ad I normally spam promote around to include these new facts, so if you guys have anything, these next two weeks would be the best time to tell me~
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22 February 2009 @ 07:18 pm
Hey loves. How is everyone? I haven't talked to you all in awhile! Hanging in there all right? Been keeping up with the Tsubasa chapters? What the hell, amirite? Holic has been moving too slow for much of anything. BUT the OAD did come out last week! *A* I can't wait for the other episodes!

Anyways, I'm just wondering what we should do with this place! Anyone willing to start up a thread or two? I'm afraid that promoting around won't bring in people any more D: Everyone only seems interested in pan-fandom and not fandom-specific. I've been missing our fun epic-times! Maybe I should nudge His Royal Highness with a text message or two lol

All in all, dolls, just a spark of activity on this end! Hit me up with you wanna start a thread with Watanuki or Tomoyo :D or if you wanna do something non-RP related I'm good with anything hahaha (is in a creative fandom mood)
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11 January 2009 @ 12:58 pm
So I thought I would just post it now so people can start replying as they need to :DD

Thanks to the five of you who helped this work!! I'll try to organize one for spring and summer as well, so hopefully it can go more smoothly and more people can sign up :DD

Anyways, here is how you're going to post your gift! You'll just leave a comment here with a similar format:

this gift is for dragon_gypsy!

(link or gift itself)

Obviously, instead of my name you'll put in the name of the person I assigned to you :D

I hope you all enjoyed it! And feel free to offer feedback for the spring gift exchange :D I'll make a more solid request/offer form to fill out, that's one thing for sure.
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09 January 2009 @ 12:52 pm
Hey everyone! This is just a reminder that you should be finishing up your gift exchange stuff soon! They're due in two days! I haven't heard from anyone yet about needing more time, but I also haven't heard from anyone if they're finished yet.

So if you need more time, PLEASE IM ME!!! I'll send around messages to everyone tomorrow just to make sure, but since you guys all frequently check the comm I'm not too worried :3

On a totally unrelated note: I know I say this often, but again I apologize for being such a flaky poster =A= I've been planning on doing a restart on the community--meaning I'm closing all old threads and fixing the tagging. There seems to be a waning interest in the fandom, so I can't promise new members unless you guys know people to bring over! So if you have any friends that might be interested, please go ahead and send them over towards the applications!

More details later. I hope you're all enjoying your January so far!
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28 December 2008 @ 11:54 pm
WHOOOO GO ME. Okay all finished with sending out the gift exchange information!!

Completion date for all gifts is two weeks from now: January 11th. I'll make another post then and everyone can comment there with who they were assigned and a link to their gift :D

If you're having a bit of trouble thinking of a prompt or something like that for your person, go ahead and check out their reply from the STAR☆CROSSED friending meme! You all have replied there, so I'm sure it will offer some suggestions 8D

So until then, feel free to message me if you have any problems or questions! Thanks to the five of you for signing up and helping it go! Next time, I promise it will be a little more organized orz xD Spring gift exchange anyone? lolol
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28 December 2008 @ 12:10 pm
Hello loves! This is a final call for secret santa sign-ups! Or should I just call it Winter Break gift exchange now?

I'll be shuffling it all around tonight! So be prepared! I'll just message it to you on LJ because I still don't trust yahoo it's easier that way. If you still haven't commented with what you can give/would like to receive, please just note me or reply here! Or I'll note you later this evening asking for it and then just send out assignments tomorrow~

PLEASE NOTE!! Unless otherwise stated, requests will be from CLAMP!Verse, of if the giver feels so inclined, this RP specifically. If you would prefer otherwise, please state what other fandoms you're willing to do/receive! This will help me match you up better if you want something specifically :'D

We currently have... 5 of you signed up I would like at least one more, or I'll just... figure out something haha
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24 December 2008 @ 10:58 am
Hello my loves!! I've only heard back from a few of you as to when a group chat would be good, and if you want to do a Secret Santa. As it is, it will be a delayed SS, but that's okay, right?! No one can have enough Christmas time haha

So go ahead and just tell me what you can offer, and what you would like in return so I can go ahead and get that set up as soon as I can. And we can organize a group chat for right after Christmas time. I go back to school on the fourth of January, so anytime before then would be the best for me.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE! I'll be around on messengers if you need me for anything!!
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